Doers and Draggers

As a new Christian,  I am on this journey and it is one of change. It is much like a winding road that is neither entirely smooth nor entirely rocky.  I welcome it but at the same time, it is a change I must be aware of and there are times I must make choices. Some of these choices are easy and some have challenged me. Some have to do with habits and some have to do with who I surround myself with. All of these choices have made me step back and reflect on my commitment to Jesus.

For instance, every day now I wake and, instead of checking my email and scrolling through the various social media, I reach for my Bible.Though I do not have an organized reading plan, the place I turn to is usually what I need to take into my heart as I read and pray. I’ve discovered that by making Bible reading and prayer my anchors of the day–first thing in the morning and last thing at night–I am grounded in a way I would not have ever thought possible.I believe it is especially important for me, as a new Christian, to engage in this kind of reading/prayer daily so I don’t become a one-hour-on-Sunday-Christian, but instead, someone who has a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. This will serve as a good foundation for me.

Another step on this journey of change is the whole concept of control. Oh boy, how I loved the illusion of being in control. Even when my life was a hot mess (which was…lets see…most of the time) I wanted to think I had it all in my control. When I turned my life and heart over to Christ, suddenly my life wasn’t mine anymore-not that it ever was anyway. But by consciously giving it over to Him, I have this peace I didn’t have before. I admit, it can be a struggle to relinquish that will and that trust, especially when I’ve never had cause to trust very much before. But God knows. He knows and He will take me exactly where I need to be. And I ask Him to use me in all ways for His Glory. Wow. What an amazing, amazing thing to become a child of Him and say “Thy Will be done.”  It doesn’t mean I don’t feel the struggle-Im a single mom, seeking work and I have all the same burdens most do in today’s economy…the dfference is now I give it all to Him and I know He will lead me as I walk with Him in trust.

On this journey I have found some of the major stumbling blocks will be people you know. And let me tell you nothing is more painful-humiliating, than to hear someone who knows you, sarcastically bringing up a past sin of yours in front of others. There are those who like to do that. I cannot speculate on why they feel it necessary, only that they do. I call them “draggers.” They grab onto others’ sins with all the tenacity of a young puppy dragging its master while on its first walk. He or she will then tell it all, first chance they get, to an audience while in front of you. If you are confronted with a dragger who wants to diminish your relationship with Jesus, simply say this one thing:  “That’s old news to Jesus but let me tell you what I’m doing today that Jesus is *really* excited about.” And it can be a large or small thing in your life but I assure you that Jesus is happy. Don’t let the draggers walk you on their leash away from Jesus. 

So as I walk this journey as a new Christian, I am confronted by the fact that I must be a doer, as a lover of our Lord Jesus Christ. I must read The Word and pray as  my anchors to the day, I must trust and give Him my will even when its a struggle and I must never let old sins become stumbling blocks in the hands of the draggers but always keep my eyes and heart forward on this journey with Christ.


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